My Certifications


Experience is absolutely critical when it comes to structuring a project from start to finish. But the value of education can’t be overstated enough.


I always make a concerted effort to stay as up to date as possible when it comes to theory. Listed below are some of the certificates I’ve picked up over the years.



UX Certificates:


Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) Basic Certificates


Course Title Link To Credit
User Research – Methods and Best Practices Verify
User Experience: The Beginners Guide Verify
Journey Mapping Verify
Become A UX Designer From Scratch Verify
Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide Verify
Web Design For Usability Verify
Human Computer Interaction: The Foundations Of UX Design Verify
UI Design Patterns For Successful Software Verify
Conducting Usability Testing Verify
The Practical Guide To Usability Verify
Design Thinking: The Ultimate Guide Verify
Information Visualization Verify
Design For The 21st Century With Don Norman Verify
Interaction Design For Usability Verify
UX Management: Strategy and Tactics Verify
How To Create A UX Portfolio Verify
Human Computer Interaction – HCI Verify
Data-Driven Quantitative UX Research Verify
Creativity: Methods To Design Better Products And Services Verify



Interaction Design Foundation (IxDF) Advanced Certificates

Course Title Link To Credit
Gamification – How To Create Engaging User Experiences Verify
Mobile User Experience (UX) Design Verify
How to Become a Freelance Designer Verify
Agile Methods for UX Design Verify
Accessibility: How to Design for All Verify
Emotional Design — How to Make Products People Will Love Verify
Service Design: How to Design Integrated Service Experiences Verify



Below are a handful of relevant modules from my time spent in engineering. I’ve removed less relevant modules such as mathematics and anything related to hardware configuration. My SCN number is available on request.

HNC/HND Electronic Engineering  
Relevant Module SCQF Level
High Level Language: External I/O Transfer 8
Information Technology: Applications Software 1 8
Business Awareness and Continuing Professional Development 8
Information Technology: Applications Software 1 7
High Level Engineering Software 7